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Life Changing Advice

Have you ever received any life changing advice? My brother, who is also an Artist, shared this piece of advice from Ira Glass on Facebook the other day and it really resonated with me. In fact, I immediately shared it on my Art page and with my two grown-up kids. When I first started painting I was lucky enough to have my brother as a mentor. He was pretty honest with me and pointed out ways I could improve and mistakes I was making. As I progressed over the years the critiques changed and the pointers became less and less. I remember fighting my way through to get better and better. Not giving up and not letting small setbacks b

Is it in the Genes?

How do we become Painters … Creators … Musicians … Poets … Authors … and the list goes on! Where do we get our talent? Is it something we can learn or is it in the genes? I have two Uncles who were Artists One Aunty was a very talented Dressmaker One Cousins is a gifted Author Another Cousin is a Dressmaker and makes fantastic Quilts I gave my Dad an art course as a retirement present and he produced some wonderful scratch art My mother was a prolific Knitter My Brother has been a talented Artist since childhood and has recently discovered Writing My Son loved drawing cartoon caricatures from the age of 5 and is now a talented Musician, writes music and poetry My Daughter is very creative, m

The creative rut

Most of us have been there … you finally get time to paint and suddenly you lose all motivation! The first time I got into a serious creative rut was after a successful joint exhibition. I had 20 paintings on show, which had taken me 8 months to prepare after the kids had gone to bed, as well as working full-time. Not long after, the Gallery closed its’ doors and I just didn’t have the energy to look for another one. I had a painting on the easel for seven years and it screamed at me every time I walked past the door! I tried to psych myself up on the drive home from work but by the time I got home I’d lost all motivation again. I’d find other things that were more important …. like housewo

How are YOU inspired to paint?

How do Artists come up with the ideas for creating art? Some very creative Artists use their imagination. My brother is one such Artist and he has my utmost respect. Unfortunately I don’t fall into that category! He has a series of paintings based around “Bill & Sheila”, a couple who live in a retro-style caravan on the Queensland coast of Australia. His paintings are humorous and each one has its own story. So how do I get my inspiration? For over 20 years now I have been painting seascapes, water, birds and oceanlife. I am very fortunate to have lived close to the beach and lake during that time. I love nothing more than going for a walk along the beach, hearing the crashing waves, smellin


A few months ago the Gallery Director at Finite Gallery ( asked if I would be interested in completing an Art Talk at their monthly event, First Friday @ Finite. I used all the usual excuses …. I’m an Artist not a public speaker! I hate public speaking it terrifies me! there is no way I could talk for that long! …. which are all true! Thankfully she didn’t accept any of them and I am so grateful to her for persevering with her request. I proceeded to prepare notes for my Talk and did lots of online research to find out what other Artists had spoken about in their talks, in order to make this a successful event. The basic outline covered the following areas: My backg

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