Turtle Artwork
All prices are for unframed works.
Please be aware pastels must be framed under glass

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 I am working on a series of turtle paintings and donating over 50% of profit to organisations who rescue and rehabilitate endangered turtles who are either sick or injured.
 Recent trips to the beautiful Lady Elliot and Lady Musgrave Islands have enabled me to take some beautiful reference photos. I am also privileged to be invited to attend the release of rehabilitated turtles by Quoin Island Turtle Rehab Centre which enables me to paint beautiful turtle release works.

Testimonial:  I purchased “Harry” the turtle from Carole. What beautiful colours overall and some very detailed patterns on the turtle creating the exact markings. Carole has captured the movements and image of the turtle perfectly!!" (by Sue G)
Sea Turtle painting by Carole Elliott Artist
Sea turtle painting on the Great Barrier Reef by Carole Elliott
Sea Turtle painting by Carole Elliott
A beautiful sea turtle being released back into the wild following rescue and rehabilitation by Quoin Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre
Sea turtle painting of a turtle release by Carole Elliott
Sea turtle painting by Carole Elliott
An abstract view of the reef by Carole Elliott