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My main love is painting water and ocean life. I have lived a coastal lifestyle for over 35 years spending time at the beach and watching the waves crashing onto the soft white sand and the play of light on the water and through the waves. This is what I try to replicate in my paintings. I’m always trying to push my skills to another level, never allowing myself to become comfortable with what I can achieve. My paintings may show a scene that is recognizable, however it is the abstract nature of the water I am focusing on, whether it is the swirling of the foam on the beach or how to make the rocks appear underwater in a slow-moving stream.

I hope my works depicting the natural beauty of our Australian coastline will bring people to appreciate the ocean and make them a bit more mindful when they next visit the beach.

Testimonial:  "Carole's work is a wonderful representation of the simple pleasures of the coastal life and wilderness around Australia. Her work is loved by all who have seen it in my home. I personally am a collector of her work and i often find myself lost in the beautiful imagery she has created. I highly recommend spending time reviewing her works as it conjures up the most marvelous feelings of joy." (by Vicky C)

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