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When I first started using soft pastels 22 years ago I had to use the kitchen table. Not very healthy now I think about it! From there I progressed to the computer room, which was a big space but not very conducive to concentrating when the kids were using the computer. Then came my big opportunity …. a room all to myself. It was small with my husband’s fishing rods in one corner and my sewing machine in the other, but it was MY art room! My husband would tell you I was actually sharing his fishing rod storage area!

Two years ago I began using acrylics so had to pack my beloved pastels away because there wasn’t enough room for both mediums in my small room. Not long after I retired from work and we decided to downsize our house. Our new home has a lovely big back deck and we have turned it into my art STUDIO!! It has clear zip-track blinds around it, with a door and sliding window.

I now have three areas set up. The first area has a table for my pastels and my drawing board, the second area has my big new easel and a table for my acrylics, the third area has a drop-leaf table for drawing, gessoing, varnishing, etc. In between the pastel and acrylic areas I have a small table unit with castors made for me by my late Father-in-law. I use this for my laptop and have my tablet holder and daylight lamp attached to it. I can move this around to wherever I need it. There is actually more room that it looks in the photo with plenty of empty floor space.

The lighting isn’t ideal and it gets quite warm in Summer, although the air conditioning does reach there provided you don’t mind freezing in the loungeroom. It is only on 40 degree days, when the carpet starts warping, that it is too hot to use. Until last week I shared it with the clothes dryer and freezer but the dryer has now been put on the wall in the laundry. I guess I’ll put up with the freezer … only because the top of it is handy storage for my paper :)

There are a number of things that come in handy when you’re painting and one of them is access to running water and a sink. Fortunately the laundry is only a short walk across a tiled floor and has a big laundry tub, which was white but is now a lovely shade of blue. The colour of the sink changes depending on what I’m painting and does wash off with a bit of elbow grease.

Another thing is access to power and I didn’t have any power points at first so had to run extension cords and power boards from the garage. It is amazing how much electrical stuff I use: two lamps, a laptop, a hairdryer, an airbrush …. and a freezer! After a visit from the electrician I now have powerpoints :)

I mentioned the lighting isn’t ideal and I’d be interested to hear what sort of lighting other Artists use.

I love my studio and feel very fortunate to have it!

Happy Painting!



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