Getting ready for an exhibition

Do you exhibit your work?

The last time I had a proper exhibition of my work with an opening night and everything that goes with it, was a joint show of my pastels in 2013 at Inner City Winemakers in Newcastle. This was with a lovely Artist by the name of Amanda Sheldon, who was excitedly showing her work for the first time.

Since then I’ve hired wall space for a small showing of my new acrylics at CStudios Art Gallery in Newcastle, have a couple of paintings in Finite Gallery, Caves Beach, and also in Ocean Blue Gallery in Belmont.

I’ve decided the time has come to dedicate some time to prepare for another exhibition with my large canvas as the centrepiece …… when it’s finished!

Since I started painting with acrylics I haven’t produced a body of work to exhibit, instead testing out my skills with different subjects, supports and generally just having a good time! Which is what art is all about :)

Now it’s time to get serious! I’m feeling confident using acrylics and feel I’ve developed my own techniques using the medium. I’m enjoying painting my seascapes on canvas and, of course, my turtles.

I’ve decided on the subject matter … which wasn’t hard …. and the next step is to decide how many paintings I want to exhibit and their size. I’m getting really excited thinking about it :) Since we are travelling in the caravan for the next 3 months I have lots of time to plan and look through all my photos from our last trip.

I’ve had a number of previous successful exhibitions …. group, joint and solo, however I have never shown my acrylics before so I will also have to decide whether to produce some pastels as well.

The final decision will be … where will I exhibit them?

Happy painting :)


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