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How do we find our own style?

Do you have your own unique style?

I have been painting for about 24 years now and my work is definitely realistic, although I have been trying to loosen up a bit since I started using acrylics.

Section of "Incoming Tide" by Carole Elliott

In saying that, even my looser style has a realistic element to it.

In Sync by Carole Elliott

Why do I paint realistically? It is just who I am and what I do …. just like my unique signature. Even when I paint with pastels I break off small sharp pieces so I can put in the smallest detail.

"Cowrie Hole - Newcastle" by Carole Elliott

Is our artistic method connected to our individual personalities? I am very organised and precise. Do flamboyant extrovert personalities paint bright crazy abstracts? It would be interesting to find out.

Some people are drawn to abstracts and others figure painting … some to hyper-realism and others sculpture. Some even dip their toes into a number of different styles and mediums. However, over time, they always seem to develop their own distinct style in whatever area they choose!

For instance, I can instantly recognise my brother's style by his brush strokes, colour scheme and subject matter:

Artwork by Michael Jones

Although he also has another series of paintings which are also easily recognisable by his followers:

Artwork by Michael Jones

It is interesting watching beginners identifying their own methods. This is probably easier now with so many workshops and Youtube tutorials. Although it can also become confusing with so much to choose from and so many different ideas!

Then when we finally discover our style …. we have to find our subject and medium! I’m drawn to painting the ocean but it took me a few years to discover this is where my focus would be.

"It's a Shore Thing" by Carole Elliott

If we were all the same, life and art would be very boring :)

Happy creating :)


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