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How long did that take you to do?

How long did that take you to do? How many times have you been asked this question? Firstly, I’ll focus on what happens even before the paint hits the canvas! Okay … so I decide my next painting is going to be a seascape … surprise surprise!! I then have to decide whether to do it in pastel or acrylic; on paper or canvas; big or small; landscape or portrait; close-up or distant; sunny or overcast. Then I realise I don’t have a suitable reference photo … so I put on my photographer hat and off we go … to the beach on a sunny day where the waves are gently lapping the shore and the children are squealing as they frolic in the shallows (get the picture?). I take hundreds of photos!! Thank you d

Artists I admire

Is there a particular Artist or process you admire? When I am scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed or watching Youtube Videos for inspiration, I often come across Artists or art processes that I really admire. It doesn’t mean I will ever try to replicate their work or even want to try the same process. It is just fantastic that the internet allows me to experience these amazing works. There are too many to include in one blog so here are a few I’d like to share with you after I’ve eaten my Bouchee chocolate …. yum : Ran Orter - - He paints the most amazing waves on huge canvases that fill the whole wall. His attention to detail for such large paintings is incredib

How do we find our own style?

Do you have your own unique style? I have been painting for about 24 years now and my work is definitely realistic, although I have been trying to loosen up a bit since I started using acrylics. In saying that, even my looser style has a realistic element to it. Why do I paint realistically? It is just who I am and what I do …. just like my unique signature. Even when I paint with pastels I break off small sharp pieces so I can put in the smallest detail. Is our artistic method connected to our individual personalities? I am very organised and precise. Do flamboyant extrovert personalities paint bright crazy abstracts? It would be interesting to find out. Some people are drawn to abstracts a

Getting ready for an exhibition

Do you exhibit your work? The last time I had a proper exhibition of my work with an opening night and everything that goes with it, was a joint show of my pastels in 2013 at Inner City Winemakers in Newcastle. This was with a lovely Artist by the name of Amanda Sheldon, who was excitedly showing her work for the first time. Since then I’ve hired wall space for a small showing of my new acrylics at CStudios Art Gallery in Newcastle, have a couple of paintings in Finite Gallery, Caves Beach, and also in Ocean Blue Gallery in Belmont. I’ve decided the time has come to dedicate some time to prepare for another exhibition with my large canvas as the centrepiece …… when it’s finished! Since I sta

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