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Favourite Art Quotes

Do you have any favourite art quotes?

I have been busy spending time with my daughter, who is visiting from Bali, and packing for our caravan trip to Far North Queensland ….. so thought I would do a lighthearted blog with some of my favourite art quotes:

Love this little guy's self portrait :)

I totally agree with this! Learn everything you can about art ... watch Youtube videos ... attend workshops ... take classes .... but use what you learn to make YOUR art ... not a copy of another Artist! Be *you* nique :)

I used to find everything else to do instead of my Art ... when my Art was what I really wanted to do! Now I Make Time for my Art :)

I read about a Dad who was an art teacher and when he told his young daughter that his job was to teach people how to paint she asked "Did they forget how to do it?" Somewhere along the way most of us stop doing Art! I didn't start again until my early 30's ... but I'm making up for it now :)

I'm sure a lot of us are guilty of at least one of these! Distorted sense of time is one I can relate to!

... and last but not least .... Art is FUN :) :)

I've enjoyed posting these :) There are obviously lots more of my favourites but I'll leave them for another day when we are busy on our trip!

Do you have any favourite Art quotes?

Happy painting :)


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