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My Art Journey

Do you have formal training, are you self-taught or a bit of both? My earliest memory of painting was at the age of five. I sat down at the table with my big seven year old Brother, Michael, and painted … of all things …. a seascape! Even at that young age … my brother was the Artist! Throughout my life I was convinced I couldn’t paint. Instead I used my creativity to make clothes and numerous other craft activities. It wasn’t until I was married with two young children, at the age of 34 that I decided to attend an art class. I’d started trying to draw portraits … as you do when you first start out (not) and wanted a bit of ‘me’ time. So off I toddled on my first art adventure … to Dobell Ho

Favourite Art Quotes

Do you have any favourite art quotes? I have been busy spending time with my daughter, who is visiting from Bali, and packing for our caravan trip to Far North Queensland ….. so thought I would do a lighthearted blog with some of my favourite art quotes: Love this little guy's self portrait :) I totally agree with this! Learn everything you can about art ... watch Youtube videos ... attend workshops ... take classes .... but use what you learn to make YOUR art ... not a copy of another Artist! Be *you* nique :) I used to find everything else to do instead of my Art ... when my Art was what I really wanted to do! Now I Make Time for my Art :) I read about a Dad who was an art teacher and when

Using your creative talent to support a good cause

Do you use your creative talent to support something you are passionate about? My daughter, through her Facebook Page Jahru, supports dog rescue in Bali with her beautiful dreamcatchers. I have a friend who uses her art via her Facebook Page Little Black Swan Art, to support The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust by sponsoring baby African elephants who have been left orphaned as the result of poaching. You have probably guessed by now that the Turtle Hospital in Townsville is the cause I have selected to assist with my art :) On our last trip to Far North Queensland we visited the ReefHQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium and Turtle Hospital in Townsville. I approached them to ask their permission to

The Travelling Artist

Do you take your art materials on holidays with you? My husband and I travel for about 5 months of the year with our caravan. We will be heading off in about 4 weeks to Far North Queensland, with Cape Tribulation being our furthest destination. We tend to stay between 3-7 nights at each place and this will be the third year we have traveled north in the Winter. Each morning we head out exploring and taking photos and then relax in the afternoon. The scenery is magic and we have discovered some amazing places. We try to visit different spots each year, although there are some places we are drawn back to. Eventually we will probably stay longer at our favourite locations. Okay … so onto art! T

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