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More art tools I can't live without

I have a number of tools that help me to create my art and I would be lost without them!

Do you have any tools that make creating your art easier?

Carole Elliott with "Morning Wave"

If you have been following my blogs you may remember I previously listed the following tools as my favourites:

1 Proportional Divider

2 Tablet

3 Daylight Lamp

4 Table Easel

5 Incredible Brush Cleaner

6 Pastel Catching Tray

7 Latex Gloves

8 Memory Foam Mat

Here are some more tools to add to that list:

9 Foam Rollers – I bought these small rollers from Bunnings and use them to apply my gesso and apply the background on some of my paintings. I also use them to paint the edges of my stretched canvases.

10 Natural Sponge – I love how soft they become when they are dampened and how you can mould them into different shapes to depict seagrass on the ocean floor.

11 Small Table on Castors – This was made for me by my late Father-in-Law. It was originally made as a table to hold my pastels and has a lip around the edge so they didn’t roll off. Now I use it for my laptop and to attach my tablet and large daylight lamp. Because it is on castors it can follow me around the studio.

12 Palette Knife – I have only just started using the palette knife for painting instead of just mixing the paint. I love how the colours merge together when applied with the palette knife and think I will experiment more with this tool.

13 Picasa – This is free photo editing software available to download. I use it all the time to crop my photos prior to painting. It does lots of cool things to photos, most of which I don’t really use but they are there in case I ever need them. I believe Picasa is soon to be replaced by Google Photos so I’ll have to update.

14 Fine Water Sprayer – This is made by Atelier (in the smaller blue bottle) and much better than using the normal sprayer if you need to dampen a section of your painting as it uses a fine mist rather than big droplets.

15 Easel – I bought my first easel about 12 months ago and love it. Before that I used a drafting table for my pastels and attached a piece of timber across it to sit my canvases on. Now I have both and can move between the two.

16 Comfy Chair – I have had my gas-lift chair for about 20 years and it is still as comfortable as it was back then. I can move it up and down and swivel it all around … do the hokey pokey! That’s what it’s all about


Supporting Others

Happy to advise that an amount of $3,000 was raised by the charity art auction in aid of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service organised by Ocean Blue Gallery at Belmont. I contributed two pastel paintings to the auction, which I believe is going to be an annual event.


Happy creating!

Carole :)

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