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Is it in the Genes?

How do we become Painters … Creators … Musicians … Poets … Authors … and the list goes on!

Where do we get our talent?

Is it something we can learn or is it in the genes?

Sth Newcastle Beach by Carole Elliott

  • I have two Uncles who were Artists

  • One Aunty was a very talented Dressmaker

  • One Cousins is a gifted Author

  • Another Cousin is a Dressmaker and makes fantastic Quilts

  • I gave my Dad an art course as a retirement present and he produced some wonderful scratch art

  • My mother was a prolific Knitter

  • My Brother has been a talented Artist since childhood and has recently discovered Writing

Eldee Creek by my Brother, Michael Jones

  • My Son loved drawing cartoon caricatures from the age of 5 and is now a talented Musician, writes music and poetry

Mitch Elliott playing with Harry's Lookout

  • My Daughter is very creative, makes beautiful dreamcatchers and has recently started Zentangling

Zentangle by my Daughter, Carly Elliott

  • I commenced painting at the age of 34 years and before I became an Artist, dabbled in a lot of different creative areas like Dressmaking, Writing, fabric painting and crocheting.

There are probably a lot more talented creatives in the family that I am unaware of.

Although it is obvious from this list that creativity is in my genes, that doesn’t mean painting came easy to me. My early work was definitely that of a beginner and it has improved greatly over the 20+ years I have been painting. I feel it improved quicker than it may have if it wasn’t in my genes though.

I wonder what creative talents are lying dormant in my Nieces and Cousins who haven’t yet tried to create! I used to think I couldn’t paint or draw because my Brother’s work was far better than mine, not realising it was due to the two year age gap as we were growing up!

What do you think? Is it in your genes?

Happy painting :)


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