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How can I increase my profile?

After retiring I am able to dedicate a lot more time to my art and have been researching how to increase my profile. I don’t want to be ‘famous’ … I just want to be able to use my art to benefit more than myself and buyers. This is what I’ve done to date:

1. Created my own webpage with an original Domain name.

2. Spending more time on my social media sites and have researched how to use social media more effectively.

3. Painting a series of Turtle paintings to support the Turtle Hospital in Townsville, Qld.

4. Completed a demonstration painting at Finite Gallery, which resulted in a sale. This turned out to not be as scary as I thought so I am thinking about doing it again in the future.

5. Taken on a student for one-on-one mentoring and am finding teaching someone else how to paint the ocean is not as easy as it sounds. I’m probably learning more about how I paint than she is!

6. Soon to complete an “Art Talk” at Finite Gallery on 1 April. I am looking forward to doing this to prove to myself that I can!

7. Soon to complete a kid's "Turtle" workshop under the mentorship of Finite Gallery's Director.

Ultimately I would like to apply for an Art Residency somewhere where I can spend some time with the beautiful turtles in Far North Queensland. I’ll keep you posted.

… and if anybody is interested in coming to my Art Talk, here is the link:

Happy painting!


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