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Using your creative talent to support a good cause

Do you use your creative talent to support something you are passionate about?

My daughter, through her Facebook Page Jahru, supports dog rescue in Bali with her beautiful dreamcatchers.

I have a friend who uses her art via her Facebook Page Little Black Swan Art, to support The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust by sponsoring baby African elephants who have been left orphaned as the result of poaching.

You have probably guessed by now that the Turtle Hospital in Townsville is the cause I have selected to assist with my art :)

On our last trip to Far North Queensland we visited the ReefHQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium and Turtle Hospital in Townsville. I approached them to ask their permission to work on a series of turtle paintings to assist the rehabilitation of endangered turtles in their care that are either sick or injured.

I have snorkelled with turtles a few times, however the camera used to take my underwater shots was not what you’d call fantastic and I am what you would call a “pool noodle snorkeler”. This means I can’t dive down to take photos and have to rely on hubby to do that for me. Because of this I approached Brisbane photographer, Colin Davis, and Daintree Eco Tour company, Ocean Safari, who have allowed me to use their beautiful turtle images as reference material in support of this great cause.

I will be travelling up to Cape Tribulation this year, where Ocean Safari is located, and going out on one of their snorkelling trips. I’m so excited I dreamt about it last night! I have a new underwater camera and I hope hubby is going to take some awesome turtle pics :)

My turtle paintings take me approx 20hrs to complete and I am trying to fit them in-between painting my seascapes. This has slowed down since starting on my big canvas so I have decided to take my paints and references with me on this year’s North Qld trip to dedicate time to painting my turtles. At the moment I have my paintings for sale online, however I’m seriously considering having a “Turtle Exhibition” and might suss out an appropriate gallery.

I’m interested to see how my painting under the caravan awning goes! I’ll keep you posted along the way.

Do you support a good cause with your creations?

Happy creating :)


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